Best Night Guard Splint in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Night Guard Price & Cost

Are you experiencing pain in your mouth when you wake up, most likely caused by an unconscious grinding and clenching of your teeth? Then, Best Night Guard Splint in Dubai can help you manage this condition and its consequences by providing a solid base for them to rest on promoting comfort, and improving oral health. With its durability, you can improve the quality of your life.

What Is Night Guard Splint?

These are also known as occlusal splints and are used for dental purposes to prevent the teeth from wearing out due to the constant clenching and grinding that some people suffer from when they fall asleep. This condition is called bruxism and is quite common. The guards are made up of flexible acrylic or other biocompatible materials such as resin. This makes them durable and easy to stand a high amount of pressure. Their main property is to act as a barrier and prevent them from chipping, loosening, and cracking. In the end, their presence also improves sleep quality by eliminating any external factors that disrupt it and promote a more comfortable life.

How Does It Work?

They are an essential additional barrier for people with bad sleeping habits. They work by creating a shield between upper and lower teeth so that they do not come directly in contact with each other while unconscious grinding and cleaning. They also absorb the force of grinding, reducing the pressure on the jaw and gums. Similarly, it also provides a stable base for the jaw muscles to relax and release tension.


The treatment will help the patient get rid of pain in various parts of the mouth such as the gums, jaw, and sinuses. It will also improve headaches caused by tension and enhance the quality of sleep by reducing any disturbances and helping you feel energized during the day.

Ideal Candidate:

Primarily, it is recommended for people diagnosed with bruxism, a condition characterized by clenching teeth at night. Similarly, if someone is experiencing the symptoms of this condition and those who have previous dental restorations. Patients who suffer from anxiety and depression are also recommended for this treatment.


  • Brush and floss regularly to maintain oral health and ensure that the impressions are accurate.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to relax during the procedure.
  • Discuss any concerns with the specialist.
  • Refrain from consuming large meals and sugary drinks.
  • Avoid smoking since it can irritate the gums and affect the process of impression.
  • Discuss your medication with your specialist to eliminate any risk factors.



  • Firstly, your dentist will take impressions of the upper and lower teeth by asking the patient to bite down on the silicon mold.
  • Then, the mold is sent to the lab where the suitable guards are constructed and sent back after 2 weeks.
  • After that, the specialist will help the patient fit the guard and make minor adjustments to secure it over the teeth.

Over The Counter:

  • The patient can choose various sizes and materials at a reasonable price.
  • They involve boiling the material into soft water and biting on it.
  • This allows the mold to fit slightly better than others and allows for some customization.


  • Clean the guards regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria.
  • Rinse them before putting them on and gently brush them.
  • Store them in a clean and dry container that allows air circulation.
  • Do not store them in extremely hot or cold environments, since it can damage the materials.
  • Do not share your guards with anyone else since it can cause infection.


  • These can provide protection from grinding and clenching which can usually lead to chipping and loosening of teeth.
  • It also reduces jaw tension and pain by helping relax the muscles and can successfully alleviate the pain.
  • The patient can sleep more peacefully without unnecessary sounds and disturbances. Similarly, it will also prevent disrupting the sleep of your partner.
  • In some cases, headaches are linked with excess grinding, so the treatment can aid in minimizing this condition by eliminating the source of discomfort.
  • Apart from that, it also improves ear and facial pain related to this condition and provides overall comfort in your life.
  • It can also help protect dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, braces, or veneers and save them from possible damage.
  • Lastly, they are a safe and non-invasive procedure that can improve your oral health as well as sleep quality over time.

Side Effects:

  • Increased production of saliva,
  • Minor pressure and discomfort,
  • Mild jaw discomfort,
  • Slight speech difficulty.


The price of the Night Guard Splint will most likely fall between AED 800 to AED 1,200. This is due to the personalized reasons of the patients such as the complexity of the condition and the dentist experience. To get an exact idea of the pricing and any additional costs, the patient is recommended to consult their specialist and discuss the overall cost of the procedure. Similarly, some insurance companies allow partial coverage, so make sure that you are informed about it.

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