SMART – Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Reclaiming your aesthetic appearance can help you improve your persona and enhance your social life as well. Although there are many durable and cost-effective treatments for dental care. But when it comes to cavities, there are customized procedures for each individual, so that no risk factors could occur. For this reason, SMART – Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a go-to option for many people suffering from deep decay. It is a very precise and precautionary procedure in which the dentist takes special care to improve your dental health.

What Is Amalgam Removal?

It is a procedure aimed at removing the previous dental fillings to safely get rid of metal-based structures. However, due to health concerns with mercury and its environmental effect on them, many individuals choose to undergo a removal process to preserve their oral health. With its removal, the specialist will take great care to minimize the fumes and isolate the site of treatment so that the particles do not disperse into their surroundings. Similarly, there are many replacement materials available that can help you achieve an aesthetic appearance.

How Does It Work?

It removes amalgam fillings to replace them with other dental materials. The specialist will carefully remove the toxic mercury fumes from spreading. Once the removal is complete, the specialist will replace it with an alternative filling for restoring a tooth.


The patient will notice health improvements. Moreover, your confidence will improve and it will also provide long-term oral benefits.

Ideal Candidate:

Individuals are concerned about mercury exposure and have existing health issues that might be elevated due to constant exposure. Those who desire to improve their aesthetics and achieve a healthy smile to correct functional concerns are suitable candidates for the treatment.


  • Consult your healthcare specialist and thoroughly discuss your issues with them.
  • Clean your teeth to ensure self-care and safety to prevent infections.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not chew gums, or eat sweets.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal to reduce the risk of nausea or discomfort.


  • Local anesthesia is applied to numb the pain and minimize any discomfort during the procedure.
  • Then a rubber sheet is placed around the affected area to isolate it for a clearer view. 
  • The specialist will use a drill with cold water spray to section the filling into smaller parts for easy removal.
  • A suction device is placed near the site of treatment to capture any released mercury vapors and other particles.
  • In some cases, powdered charcoal or algae is placed around the sheet to absorb any lingering vapors.
  • Once, the sections are complete, the dentist removes any remaining fragments with hand instruments.
  • Then, your mouth is thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining debris.


  • Take prescribed medications and painkillers to manage discomfort.
  • Brush your teeth using gentle toothpaste.
  • Avoid eating hard or spicy food. 
  • Consume soft meals until the sore site heals completely.
  • Don’t forget to attend follow-up appointments.
  • Avoid smoking or other unhealthy habits to promote smooth healing. 


Patients notice several benefits after undergoing this treatment. Some are mentioned briefly:

  • Removing these fillings can help reduce mercury poisoning since it releases a small amount every time the patient chews or grinds into it.
  • Replacing them with natural-colored fillings can improve the aesthetic appearance and create a remarkable smile.
  • Their removal will also help the patient preserve their natural tooth structure since other alternatives do not require significant removal.
  • These fillings can expand and contract with temperature, so their removal can eliminate the risk of cracking or fracturing nearby structures.
  • Replacing them with biocompatible material can help individuals promote good health.
  • Some individuals experience health issues and other autoimmune reactions, so their removal can contribute to health improvements in the long run.

Side Effects:

  • Swelling and gum irritation,
  • Increased sensitivity of teeth,
  • Minor bleeding and discomfort,
  • Mild infections and feeling nausea.


The cost of Amalgam Removal In Dubai is most likely between AED 800 to AED 1,600. It is recommended to consult a specialist to get a more accurate estimate according to individual needs.

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