Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Bruxism Cost

Dealing with the distress and discomfort caused by teeth grinding can be a challenging experience, regardless of the underlying reasons. The involuntary and often irritating nature of this habit adds a layer of stress to our lives. However, there is hope in finding relief through Teeth Grinding Treatment In Dubai. This aims to address the root causes of this problem and provide solutions to eliminate the pain associated with this unintentional issue. Nowadays, seeking professional Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai becomes a crucial step in restoring comfort and minimizing its effect on one’s daily life.

Understanding The Problem:

Bruxism, commonly referred to as grinding, clenching, or gnashing, is a condition marked by involuntary actions that occur both when awake and during sleep. This behavior leads to the damaging of enamel, wearing down, and loosening of teeth. It has adverse effects on a person’s joints, muscles, and nervous system, disrupting the individual’s sleep.


  • Any sort of personal life problem, emotional stress, and anxiety.
  • Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.
  • Having intense feelings of shame, guilt, and self-esteem.
  • excessive use of stimulants or caffeine.
  • Substance misuse and alcohol consumption can raise the risk.
  • There are a few medical diseases that could be the cause, including GERD and Parkinson’s disease.


This is a solvable issue and it can be eliminated by;

  • Mouthguards:

These are typically made of soft or hard plastic and are personalized to your teeth. These act as a barrier between the upper and lower regions of the mouth, preventing them from coming into direct contact with each other. This helps to protect the surfaces and reduce the damaging effects of grinding.

  • Splints:

Also referred to as bite or occlusal splints, they are typically composed of more durable materials than their predecessors. They are specifically made to alter the relationship between the top and lower portions of the mouth or the posture of the jaw. These are employed to reduce the impact and realign the joint.


It aims to safeguard the well-being of your teeth, enamel, and overall aesthetic appeal. It helps spread the force of your bite evenly. You will be able to get relief from consistent clenching.

Ideal Candidate:

  • You are experiencing biting issues like overbite, underbite, or open bite,
  • You are struggling with speech difficulties
  • You have misaligned denticles,
  • You encounter overcrowding and overlapping, 
  • For those who are having sensitivity issues.


Make sure you quit smoking and consuming alcohol liquors at least a day before. Clean your mouth before coming and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will wash out any bacteria from your teeth. If the doctor has recommended you any medicine make sure to take them.


  • Make an appointment to talk about your symptoms and worries with your dentist. We will evaluate the extent of the problem by looking at your bite, jaw, and teeth.
  • If grinding is confirmed, we will discuss treatment options with you. This includes lifestyle changes, stress management strategies, and the use of protected gear.
  • We will take impressions of your teeth that involve using a soft material that molds to the shape. 
  • Alternatively, digital duplicates may be taken using advanced scanning technology.
  • These impressions are sent to a laboratory where it is custom-fabricated based on the unique characteristics of your mouth and jaw.
  • Once it is ready, you will come again for further adjustments and fittings will be made if necessary.
  • We will give you guidelines on how to take care of and operate your equipment.
  • Finally, it may be required to schedule follow-up sessions to assess your progress and make any necessary modifications.


  • Use stress-reduction strategies to ease tension and anxiety.
  • taking part in yoga, relaxation exercises, and hobbies.
  • consuming less caffeine and staying away from stimulants.
  • To maintain your dental health, pay attention to what you eat.
  • Avoid excessively chewy or hard foods that may contribute to jaw tension.
  • Stay well-hydrated, as dehydration can contribute to muscle tension.
  • If your dentist has made adjustments to your bite, follow any post-treatment recommendations.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene practices, to help in a comfortable and relaxing sleep.


  • It helps prevent further damage caused by clenching.
  • It can reduce jaw pain and discomfort associated with your problem.
  • You’ll obtain better quality sleep, which will give you more energy all day long.
  • It will be possible for you to preserve tooth enamel and avoid any irritation.
  • Anatomical alignment of the jaw can assist relieve temporomandibular joint problems i.e. TMJ
  • As you maintain aftercare practices, you will have enhanced overall well-being.
  • You experience a reduction in headaches and associated facial pain.
  • You will have better bite adjustments with long-term success.
  • This result in a decrease in stress levels overall and improves dental and general health.

Side Effects:

  • It may lead to sensitivity towards different temperatures for a while.
  • Initially, you may have some difficulty speaking while using the protective gear.
  • Wearing the devices may lead to increased salivation initially, but this usually diminishes over time.
  • Some individuals may experience irritation or sore spots on the gums or lips.
  • In rare cases, individuals may have allergic reactions to materials used in dental appliances.


The pricing for Teeth Grinding Treatment In Dubai is influenced by factors such as the condition of the treatment area, the chosen technique, and the type of anesthesia administered. The estimated cost typically varies from AED 299 to AED 2999. It’s important to note that the exact charges can only be determined by a doctor, as it is individualized based on each person’s unique circumstances.

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