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Is toothache keeping you awake and causing sleepless nights? Such a problem not only disrupts your daily routine but also inflicts severe pain, potentially leading to deteriorating health. Neglecting dental care can be a significant factor in causing the complications. Similarly, seeking dental care when serious problems arise can only aggravate the situation. Not to mention, fear of visiting dentists is also a common problem to begin with. To tackle the fear and instill the right foundations, we are providing complete guidance regarding various aspects of General Dentistry In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Discover the details below to gain awareness and overcome those troublesome restless nights.

What General Dentistry?

A wider and vital branch of dentistry dedicated to diagnosing, preventing, and treating various oral health issues. Its primary objective is to safeguard the teeth, gums, and overall mouth cavity. General dentists, the specialists in this field, oversee routine check-ups, assessments, and the restoration of your smile. Unlike specialists who concentrate on specific areas, general dentists provide a broad spectrum of solutions, addressing simpler to complex dental needs to help you attain and sustain optimal well-being.

Recommended Frequency For Your Visits:

The frequency of routine check-ups may vary based on individual concerns and buccal health conditions, but it is generally advisable to schedule appointments every 5 to 6 months. Some individuals may require more frequent visits due to a higher risk of developing infections, tooth loss, or cavities. In such cases, it’s important to follow your Orthodontist’s guidelines and adhere to the protocols provided. If you stick to regular check-ups, they will help maintain optimal oral health and prevent problems from worsening.


Generally, results are immediately felt, offering relief from pain, and they tend to be extendable. Fillings, crowns, and veneers can endure for several years, whereas the effects of teeth whitening may last for several months. However, the durability is also influenced by your hygiene practices, such as daily brushing followed by flossing, and regular follow-up sessions with your healthcare provider.

Ideal Candidate:

Visiting a healthcare provider isn’t just for endodontic issues; it’s crucial for anyone seeking a beautiful smile. Whether for routine visits or concerns like discoloration, gum infections, or restorative needs, these specialists can help. Regardless of age—children, adults, or seniors—these procedures address challenges like tooth loss or dry mouth for better oral health. Our experts also provide dental care for individuals with cognitive disabilities.


The wide range of offerings by General Dentistry In Dubai are as follows:

  • Routine Examinations: these involve the assessment of the teeth’ condition and professional cleansing to remove surface stains and tartar, preventing their accumulation.
  • Cavity Fillings: Cavities are stuffed with materials such as resin, amalgam, or porcelain to restore tooth shape, fill gaps, and enhance functionality.
  • Gum Infection Management: it involves procedures aimed at protecting gum or gingival tissues from infection, involving bacterial elimination, inflammation reduction, and tissue healing promotion.
  • Root Canal Treatment: aimed at addressing infection or damage in the pulp tissues, involving removal of infected part by an endodontist, cleansing, disinfection, and sealing with biocompatible material.
  • Crowns: Caps or prosthetic devices placed over weakened grinders to strengthen them, alter shape and size, and restore function, often following the root canal.
  • Tooth Removal: Extraction of severely damaged teeth when necessary, performed by a specialist in professional settings.
  • Oral Screenings: Examinations to detect signs of cancer in the mouth or oral cavity, using specialized lighting devices to assess oral tissues for any concerns.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Providing instructions to children and individuals with special needs to develop oral health habits from a young age, preventing problems before they develop.


  • Routine visits will aid in early problem detection and intervention, mitigating issues in their initial stages. 
  • This improved buccal health prevents various dental issues and fosters overall well-being. 
  • It helps strengthen weakened or damaged molars through techniques like root canals, dental crowns, or fillings to enhance chewing function. 
  • By averting severe toothaches, it promotes restful sleep, preventing sleepless nights.
  • These specialists educate patients on dental care methods and offer guidance on preventive measures. 
  • Enhanced appearance contributes to a favorable impression and bolsters one’s charming personality.
  • They also provide customizable treatment plans and address various concerns to meet your goals and preferences. 
  • The results provided are durable, which makes it a good approach for people dealing with financial issues. 
  • Not only does it improve functionality, but it also helps overcome the problem of bad breath and helps maintain good relationships with others.


The final price is not fixed as it varies depending on several factors such as the procedure you are undergoing, the number of sessions, the dentist’s expertise, and the geographical location of the clinic. However, on an average basis, you can expect the cost to range between AED 700 to AED 9000

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