At our Dental Clinic Dubai, we give special dental care to our clients as well as make them comfortable with the procedure. We have made some special patient policies to keep a protective and accurate atmosphere for them. We have made these policies especially to ensure the expectations and positive feedback of all our patients who may come to our clinic. 

Consultation Schedules:

In most of the cases, the candidates are suggested to confirm the appointments before the process as it will save them from the unavailability of the doctor. Also, it will help you to get rid of the long wait for your turn. However, there is also the option of emergency cases if the patient is suffering from a critical condition. 

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

It usually requires at least a time of twenty-four hours to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Failure to give enough notice may result in a cancellation fee. Also, the thing that can delay the schedule of a future appointment is instant cancellation.

Registration and Insurance:

Generally, the candidates are responsible for confirming their insurance coverage and understanding their policy of limitations. Copayments and deductibles are due at the time of service, and any remaining balance should be arranged promptly.

Confidentiality of the Candidate:

We provide strict confidentiality instructions in order to protect our patient’s personal and medical information. The candidates are most often suggested to make a copy of their records or also given written consent to share information with a third party.  The record of the patient will only be shared with the authorized candidates and also with the healthcare providers involved in the treatment procedure. 

Data Security:

We keep safe electronic and physical systems to protect the information of the patient safe and protective. Every member of the staff is trained with privacy policies and signed confidentiality agreements.

Treatment and Payment:

After taking the complete check-up of the client, the dentist will give you a plan regarding the process and also share it with the candidate. Also, the clients are encouraged to ask the essential questions about the process and get the proper clarity about the treatment.

Financial Responsibility:

The cost related to the treatment is fully the responsibility of the patients and also with the options of the charges. Payment is due at the time of process until other arrangements have been settled in advance. We do accept several different methods for the payments such as cash, credit/debit cards, and also the insurance coverage.

Dental Hygiene and Etiquette:

The first one is oral hygiene in which the clients are expected to keep better oral hygiene and obey all the prescriptions of the doctor for the home care. Also, daily dental check-ups and cleanings are necessary for perfect oral health. 

Communication and Etiquette:

Patients are also expected to talk openly, honestly, and respectfully with our dental team. But bad or abusive behavior  with the staff or with other patients will not be accepted. One more important thing is that the patients should keep their mobile phones switched off or to set it to silent mode during the dental treatment.

Emergencies and After Hours Care:

In case of any dental emergency during office hours, then the candidates should contact our clinic at instant for further guidance. The other one includes the after-hour emergency, for this you will be given for urgent situations outside of daily office hours.

Some other Rights and Responsibilities:

Every dental clinic has to keep the knowledge of its patients confidential. It is the right of each candidate to be treated with respect. The members of the clinic try their best to maintain the respect of their patients.  Also, the clinic must not keep unnecessary restrictions on the candidate and his family. 

Follow-Up Care:

The client must obey all the given instructions after they have undergone the therapy by his dentist for a fast healing and recovery process. However, if you feel any disturbance or complications after the procedure has been done, you can contact your physician.

We have tried our best to provide all the essential knowledge you need to know. But if you want to get more information, then contact us at any time.