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A smile is a universal language. It expresses joy and warmth within and those around you. Our teeth have a great impact on our self-esteem. Unfortunately, it can become a source of discomfort and embarrassment if your oral hygiene is not on point. The truth is, that unhealthy-looking denticles aren’t just perceived as unpleasantness, but can also lead to self-consciousness. We try to conceal our lips and this keeps us from fully enjoying the best moments life has to offer. However, we can fix that with Teeth Cleaning In Dubai. It not only preserves health but also revitalizes your confidence and reshapes the narrative of your smile. Let’s explore how Teeth Cleaning is the first step to a brighter and healthier smile.


This is the basis foundation of various dental procedures. The goal is to thoroughly deep and to stop oral diseases from spreading all across the body. This process removes leftover debris, bacteria, diseases, dirt, tartar, plaque, and more that can accumulate on and between your teeth. The steps taken to start and finish the cleaning are customized to meet the patient’s expectations and preferences. To make it last a long time, it’s important to make dental care a part of your daily routine.


As an outcome, your teeth will emerge as clean and healthy. This process eliminates all the buildup of bacteria and diseases. It restores the shine and color by providing strength and long-term safety to your pearly whites.

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone with tartar and hard plaque on the surface, or having difficulties with maintaining oral hygiene due to regular consumption of strong tea, coffee, or smoking can visit us for a consultation. Additionally, those who want to remove stains for a pleasant smile and prevent inflammation in their gums are technically considered to be suitable candidates for this treatment.


  • Before getting the treatment, maintain your hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing. 
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to help flush out toxins from your body. 
  • Eat a light meal for comfort and energy but avoid greasy sticky or meals. 
  • You should arrive on time and communicate any specific concerns or sensitivities you may have.


  • An examination will be conducted to identify any existing dental problems.
  • X-rays can occasionally be used to assist in finding conditions like cavities or abnormalities with the jawbone that might not be apparent during a routine examination.
  • We will use a small metal tool called a scaler to remove debris from the surfaces. 
  • It is usually done manually or with the help of ultrasonic instruments that use vibrations to break down and remove bacteria.
  • Afterward, we will use a polishing tool and products to polish and remove any remaining surface stains.
  • Then, flossing is performed between the spaces to remove the leftover particles from areas that may be difficult to reach.
  • Sometimes, you may receive a fluoride treatment in the form of gel, foam, or varnish to fortify the enamel and keep off dental decay. 
  • Depending on the situation, we may use laser technology that employs a focused light beam as it is often considered more comfortable for patients with sensitive gums.
  • We’ll offer guidance on proper hygiene habits, such as how to brush and floss properly, as well as recommendations for various products and other methodologies to follow.
  • Lastly, in light of your specific condition, we could suggest follow-up visits for additional care or observation.


  • You should avoid taking staining substances like tea, coffee, or tobacco.
  • Maintain your normal flossing and brushing schedule.
  • Use mouthwash or toothpaste with fluoride.
  • Water intake is recommended to sustain self-hydration.
  • Try to cut down on hard or sticky foods with artificial food colorings that may interfere with your newly improved smile. 
  • Pay attention to any increased sensitivity and inform your dentist if it persists or becomes uncomfortable.


  • It removes dirt buildup that will help prevent gum problems and tooth decay.
  • You will see how it eliminates cavities by removing bacteria that contribute to enamel erosion.
  • You will have a fresher breath and enhanced oral hygiene.
  • Stain removal and discoloration will lead to a brighter and whiter smile.
  • It identifies early signs of any dental issues, allowing for timely intervention.
  • It promotes healthier gums by reducing inflammation and preventing gingivitis.
  • It will help with issues like tooth loss that could lead to the deterioration of tooth-supporting structures.
  • Good oral health is linked to overall well-being, as these issues can be linked to systemic fitness problems.
  • You will have a more aesthetically pleasing grin and enhance the color of the natural teeth.
  • The formation of pockets around the gums will be prevented through this method.
  • A better and cleaner mouth often results in increased confidence and a positive self-image.
  • As it is a personalized treatment, it will give you the best optimal outcome with increased wellness.


It involves temporary side effects that will subside with time such as;

  • For some time sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures may occur.
  • Mild gum irritation or redness may happen.
  • Some individuals may experience minor bleeding of the gums during or after the process.
  • There might be mild discomfort or pain.
  • Existing dental work, such as crowns or fillings, may become loose in rare cases.
  • There is a slight risk of allergic reactions to cleaning agents or materials used.
  • Holding the mouth open for an extended period may cause temporary jaw discomfort.


The total amount of the treatment can fluctuate depending on several factors such as the number of sessions or the condition of your teeth to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Only the dentist will determine the exact charges after the initial consultation. However, the estimated cost of Teeth Cleaning In Dubai & Abu Dhabi is ranging between AED 199 to AED 999.

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