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Are you or your loved ones experiencing dental issues? Does the world of orthodontics leave you feeling overwhelmed? With advancements in science, there are numerous options available, but it can be challenging to navigate and choose the right procedure. Additionally, myths circulating among people can instill fear in those considering these approaches. Overcoming these concerns requires a thorough understanding of Dental Braces In Dubai. To provide a comprehensive overview, we are covering various aspects to widen your knowledge about the topic. Join us as we take you on an informative journey to help you achieve a healthier smile.


These orthodontic devices help achieve a better appearance by gently applying pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them toward their proper positions. Not only are they used for cosmetic purposes, but they can also help overcome functionality problems such as bite and speech issues. Their composition involves brackets, wires, and bands made of various materials like ceramics, plastic, and metal. Currently, orthodontists, are efficient in resolving dental issues like overcrowding, misalignment, gaps, and crooked teeth.


The outcomes will vary, based on your treatment plan, the area being addressed, and the duration for which they are worn. However, patience is required as the relocation occurs gradually, and visible results may also take time to manifest. The final results are typically permanent with proper retention and maintenance.

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Ideal Candidate:

If you desire a properly shaped jawline, overcome gummy appearance, or seek to resolve dental issues while maintaining oral hygiene and overall health, this approach is ideal for you. It accommodates individuals dealing with specific conditions or aiming for aesthetic improvement, as it generally entails mild to no serious side effects. However, individuals experiencing tooth decay, cavities, or gum diseases should not undergo this treatment. For more information, you are required to opt for an initial consultation.

Preliminary Care:

It is important to follow these safety guidelines:

  • Before starting, a complete dental assessment is a must to determine your oral health.
  • Any existing dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay should be addressed before applying these devices.
  • Have an open conversation with your Cosmetic Dentist regarding your expectations.
  • Discuss any allergies you may have to any of the materials used during the process.
  • Avoid using alcohol-based mouthwashes as they can lead to dryness and increased gum sensitivity.


Below are the details of the whole process to help you understand the ongoing stages of the process:

  • Your healthcare provider will examine your teeth condition by taking x-rays to determine the root cause of the problem. The impressions of your teeth are also taken to make a tailored treatment plan for you.
  • In the preparatory phase, the designated area is cleansed thoroughly to remove surface stains and plaque.
  • Once the cleaning is completed, the brackets are attached to the front surface using a specialized adhesive agent.
  • Then, a thin metal archwire is threaded through them, which provides additional support by applying additional pressure.
  • Adjustments are made by tightening or loosening these wires according to the desired results.
  • These devices will start functionally by moving them into their proper position or by making spaces or filling the gaps.
  • Adjustments will be required every 4 to 6 weeks, which will involve replacement of the archwire, adding new elastics, or making changes as required.
  • When the desired levels of alignment have been achieved, these braces are removed, and you will be provided with retainers to maintain the achieved effects.

Aftercare Guidelines:

Here are some instructions to follow to prevent any complications or discomfort:

  • For a few days, try to avoid solid foods as your denticles may be sensitive during this phase.
  • Good oral hygiene should be adopted by brushing and flossing twice daily to ensure no bacteria and germs get trapped around the installations.
  • Stay hydrated as it helps cleanse your mouth and remove toxins, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Avoid moving the wires by yourself without prior consultation, as it may lead to severe pain and other complications.

Benefits To Look For:

Below are a few advantages it has in store for you:

  • The alignment achieved will ensure better oral health by enabling the brush to reach every corner.
  • This improved health will reduce the risk of dental problems like tooth decay, periodontal diseases, mouth odor, and enamel wear.
  • Problems of chewing as well as speech clarity associated with underbiting and overbiting can also be resolved through this treatment.
  • Achieving alignment will contribute to an attractive smile and add additional charm to your personality.
  • It is not only non-invasive but also provides a permanent solution, making it an attractive approach for people afraid of undergoing surgical procedures.
  • This also helps prevent jaw disorders and associated pain and discomfort, leading to improved overall well-being.

Risks/Side Effects:

There are some after-effect reactions that you may experience post-treatment: 

  • During the initial phase, for about a week, you may feel mild discomfort due to the applied pressure.
  • In rare situations, you may develop mouth soreness, which can be alleviated with orthodontic wax.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary while wearing braces, if not, it may lead to cavities and ultimately result in tooth decay.
  • Some people might develop allergic reactions such as rashes or swelling to materials such as nickel or latex.


There are no fixed criteria to determine the fee for Dental Braces In Dubai & Abu Dhabi as it varies based on the inflation rate of your residing area and the expertise of the dental clinic you choose. However, on average, you can expect the pricing to range between AED 4,999 to AED 14,999.

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