Dental Stains Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Stain Treatment Price

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About Dental Stains Removal Treatment:

Dental stains are yellowish teeth that look unpleasant. The stained color of the teeth affects confidence as well as esteem levels of a person and it becomes insecurity for some people. Stain teeth do not indicate that your oral health is in a bad condition but it decreases the confidence in your private and social life. These stains do not just simply peel off with a whitening toothpaste they can be only cured by a dentist who will perform the treatment effectively.

How is Dental Tooth Filling Treated?

There are different staining ranges such as stains that are due to food and bad oral health called extrinsic stains and each one requires a distinct solution. There is another type of dental stain that is intrinsic and demands high attention and treatment as explained:

In-Office treatment: The treatment is performed by a qualified dentist that eradicates the dental stains using hydrogen peroxide providing whiter and brighter teeth.

At-home treatment: The treatment can also be operated at home our surgeons will design personalized whitening strips as well as bleaching etc. These are the ways provided for you for stain removal.

Options for the treatment:

There are various options which are available for the treatment each one is different and applied differently:

  • Polishing:

It is the painless method for the elimination of stains. In which, the surgeon uses an instrument and through this instrument, the surgeon makes and applies a paste to the teeth. For a deeper solution Polishing may not be preferred.

  • Teeth Whitening: 

It uses an oxide such as hydrogen oxide for the whitening of the teeth. The surgeon will determine the place for the treatment (in-home or the office). It can be finished in under 90 minutes as a chair session or you can take a home session. Teeth whitening whitens the teeth but it may or may not be suitable for stubborn stains.

  • Bonding:

           This process includes the application of the resins onto the teeth, which eradicates the stains as well and provides naturally looking results. The only drawback is that these teeth can easily again be stained and need maintenance sessions.

  • Porcelain Veneers:

It is composed of layers that can be inserted into the teeth which eliminates stains and provides a long-term solution the chances of staining are less but the treatment is expensive.

  • Dental Crowns:

            The treatment is expensive and it takes more time for the treatment of stains than others. It will provide you with the best results.

When is the treatment Preferred:

The stain removal is suggested by the doctor in these situations:

  • When you’re concerned with the appearance of your teeth.
  • You’re undergoing the treatment for a social or professional life reason.
  • You want to increase your oral hygiene level.
  • You do not want any further dental issues created by dental stains.
  • For special occasions purpose such as a wedding etc.
  • You want to increase your confidence while smiling.     

After-care for The Surgery:

The after-care instructions are a must for better results:

  • Your tooth may become sensitive to hot or cold foods.
  • Follow dentist-provided medications that help you ease the pain.
  • You may experience pain after the treatment but this is temporary and it will vanish after some time.
  • Eat doctors instructed food for optimal results.
  • Don’t forget to follow further guidance provided by the surgeon.

The Recovery:

You are going to be experiencing some pain after the treatment which will fade away after some time. You will experience sensitive teeth and there is no need to worry about it. The recovery phase after the treatment of the Dental stain is within 1-2 weeks. If the pain or sensitivity does not go away or is extreme follow-up sessions are recommended for the best results.

Services and Treatment Charges:

The cost of the treatment is variable and can fluctuate based on factors such as the type of filling material utilized and the number of teeth requiring repair or filling. The cost of Dental Stain Removal in Dubai is AED 400 to AED800

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