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Are you tired of extra flesh that causes sudden pangs of pain, you can not bear anymore? Or do you want to embrace your healthy gums once again? Well, you are at the right place then, Gingivectomy (Gum Tissue Removal) In Dubai is a remarkable option to treat your condition. Not only that, it can correct your smile and elevate your aesthetic, since it is the most prominent feature. While it might seem overwhelming, this procedure is a highly effective tool to combat gum diseases and improve your presence.

What Is Gingivectomy?

It is a dental procedure performed to get rid of excess flesh gingiva, that may be protruding or overgrown. It covers a portion of teeth and causes difficulty in even performing normal day activities. The treatment gets rid of this condition as well as solves any further issues that can occur due to it. In addition, it improves gum health, reduces the depth of packets, and reshapes for aesthetic purposes. In the end, you can enjoy your favorite food while preserving your oral health.

How Does It Work?

The treatment involves directly removing the source that is causing infection. It works by removing the excess piece of gum and also reduces the pockets either by high-intensity light or using a scalpel by making incisions to contour and get rid of the hanging flesh. Apart from its medical perks, it offers a chance to reshape the gum line to add to your aesthetic charm.


The healing takes 2 weeks at most. After that, you will notice an emerging gum line after the swelling subsides. Apart from that, it will also have a positive impact on the stomach health. Moreover, it also improves overall health and can be used effectively to solve conditions such as periodontitis.

Eligible Candidate:

Anyone who wants to get rid of deep pockets can undergo this treatment. Similarly, if someone is suffering from certain medical conditions then, this is not a suitable treatment. Moreover, pregnant individuals, diabetic, and high blood pressure individuals are recommended not to undergo this treatment, since it can negatively impact their condition. Lastly, patients can address these concerns in the consultation to confirm their eligibility for the treatment.


  • Avoid smoking and alcohol,
  • Eat a diet full of carbs and proteins,
  • Maintain good oral hygiene,
  • Lastly, address any anxiety or stress through relaxation techniques. 

What To Expect During The Procedure?

  • First of all, the treatment involves using local anesthesia to numb the area around the treatment area.
  • Then, the specialist uses a laser light to vapourize the excess tissue or a scalpel is utilized to remove unwanted tissues.
  • After this, the bone is also reshaped and the remaining gum tissues are also shaped aesthetically, to provide a pleasing gumline.
  • The incisions that were during the procedure are closed and sutured with a dissolving thread.
  • Later, follow-up sessions are also arranged to monitor the healing process of the patient and avoid touch-ups.


  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to help manage sensitivity.
  • Rest and avoid exercising or participating in any activity that requires energy, since it could increase the blood pressure and cause bleeding.
  • Restrict the movement of the surgical area and do not touch the area to avoid irritating the gum again.
  • Use gentle oral hygiene products for more than a week.
  • Eat soft foods such as soup and stay hydrated.

Benefits To Look For:

There are several advantages of this treatment. These are mentioned briefly:

  • Firstly, the treatment combats gum diseases by removing the infection and reducing inflammation.
  • Moreover, it also gets rid of harmful bacteria that can grow in tartar and plaque, ultimately contributing to the betterment of oral health.
  • It also creates an even, and smoother lining of the teeth, potentially creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • It is also a minimally invasive treatment, that has a short recovery time and minimal downtime, so the patient can leave the premises as soon as the procedure is done.
  • Apart from that, it also prevents further complicating the issue, since it can cause tooth decay, overgrowth, and a drop in pH balance.
  • Furthermore, the treatment also reduces the sensitivity of the mouth by eliminating bacterial inflammation that caused it.
  • Lastly, you will be able to get rid of body image issues and enhance your confidence which will be reflected in your bigger and brighter smile.

Side Effects:

Like any other, the treatment has various immediate reactions that go away as soon as the aftercare is observed. Moreover, these are just minor effects and do not cause much pain or discomfort. However, if they do not disappear in due time, then consult your healthcare professional to discuss any potential concerns.

  • Sensitivity and tenderness,
  • Swelling and bleeding,
  • Discolouration, 
  • Bad breath or gum recession.

Expected Cost:

The expected pricing of the treatment starts from AED 1,300 per session. However, this is just a general range and the pricing is bound to fluctuate. We recommend candidates undergo a thorough consultation with a healthcare professional to avoid any misconceptions later on.

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