Best Orthodontist Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

A perfect smile is a sign of good oral health. However, crooked teeth are a normal occurrence in many people. So, Orthodontists In Dubai can help you achieve a functional smile by carefully adjusting your jaw structure. If you’re someone who is on the lookout to focus on a powerful comeback with modified dental aesthetics. Get comprehensive information about the Best Orthodontist Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi and go beyond general dentistry to enjoy the results that last a lifetime.

Who Is An Orthodontist?

These are trained dentists who specialize in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting any irregularities in your mouth and jaw. They undergo an additional specialization that specifically trains them to equip in-depth information on facial development, jaw growth, overbites, crowding, and many more. Not only do they correct present problems, but they are also trained to identify any sign that might indicate a problem in the future. They are trained specifically to correct any crookedness and monitor your progress to see if a collaborative approach will be a better option. Moreover, their treatment can stretch from several months to years, since ensuring proper jaw arrangement is a tricky procedure in developing children.

What Are The Expected Improvements?

You will notice an aligned smile along with improved facial appearance and confidence. Similarly, the current alignment of your teeth will correct the biting ability and you will feel comfortable with your appearance.

Are You An Eligible Candidate?

Individuals who want to correct over or underbite as well as misaligned teeth. Similarly, growing children and teenagers with a potential dental problem or adults seeking an improvement in their smile are suitable for this treatment. However, having healthy gums and enough jaw bone is important to undergo any orthodontic treatment.

What Happens During The Process?

Our clinic offers a wide variety of dental treatments, each tailored specifically to our problems, so you can achieve a transformative smile. The most crucial ones include:

  • Dental Braces: Dental devices used to focus on correcting misalignment. These are mostly made up of metal to apply gentle pressure that will contribute to forming a more aesthetic and healthier smile.
  • Aligners: These are removable trays made up of clear plastic. These are worn for a fixed amount of time and then replaced. They apply controlled pressure to gently correct any issues while seamlessly blending in with your natural teeth.
  • Retainers: After the initial treatment with braces and aligners is complete, then your specialist will recommend custom-made retainers to hold the newly straightened teeth in place until surrounding bones and tissues get used to them.
  • Expanders: these are mostly used in children to create a wider upper jaw in case of a narrow palate so that more space is created for the new teeth to erupt properly while maintaining facial symmetry.
  • Jaw Surgery: It is a surgical procedure used when a serious dental issue needs to be resolved. It corrects severe bite problems and underbite to create a balanced appearance.

Benefits To Look For:

You will be able to experience several benefits of Orthodontists in Dubai. Some are:

  • Primarily, they correct functional disorders associated with gums, teeth, and jaw to create a healthy environment within the mouth.
  • Apart from aesthetic perks, straight teeth are easy to clean and maintain, since there are no corners or crocked edges that need to be addressed specifically.
  • Some dental issues associated with jaw are quite painful to bear, so, getting rid of them can bring you comfort.
  • It will also eliminate chewing problems and biting inconsistency, eventually leading to increased digestion of nutrients.
  • Similarly, you will be able to communicate more freely, since dental issues can sometimes impact pronunciation and cause a strutter.
  • By addressing jaw and gum issues, you will be able to observe facial symmetry and an aesthetically pleasing side profile, giving you a dramatic boost in self-esteem.
  • Lastly, it will improve your social interaction due to a blinding smile and almost permanent results that can last a long time.

What Is The Expected Cost?

The cost depends upon the treatment utilized during your session. So, you should thoroughly discuss your concerns with a specialist to avoid any miscommunication. Moreover, the final bill will be calculated after the session. An approximate of various services is given below:

  • Dental braces: AED 4,999 to AED 14,999
  • Aligners: AED 5,000 to AED 17,000 
  • Retainers: AED 899 to AED 1,200
  • Expanders: AED 1,999 to AED 34,999

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