Crooked Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dental Clinic

Smile is a friendly gesture. It possesses the potential to make or break one’s personality. Such is the impact of an appealing smile. However, not everyone is born with perfection. Some cosmetic fixing is required even for dental procedures. Individuals dealing with unaligned teeth or crookedness can successfully achieve their desired picture-perfect smile after a Crooked Teeth Treatment in Dubai. Explore insight into the series of effective treatment options to straighten up your smile with boosted confidence and improved oral health.

What Are Crooked Teeth?

These are malocclusion which take place due to numerous factors. These overlapping or crowded teeth may cause problems in keeping up with oral hygiene. As a result, the domino effect is likely to take place as poor dental health may trigger the risk of decay, jaw pain, or even speech-related issues. To sum up, it is both a cosmetic and dental concern threatening one’s oral health.

What Are The Possible Causes?

Genetics and bad habits often play a crucial role in worsening your well-being. This is why, keeping an eye on your health must be highly prioritized. In addition to this, tongue thrusting, thumb suckling, wrong methods of brushing one’s teeth at an early stage, or injury to the jawbone could also be the leading circumstances to developing undesired teeth positioning. 

How Is It Improved?

The options are available according to your budget and requirements. From traditional braces to advanced techniques, we are offering some of the most reliable treatments such as; 

  • Metal Braces,
  • Clear and Colored Ceramic Braces,
  • Invisalign,
  • Veneers, 
  • And Dental Bonding. These are the best choices for interested candidates of all ages. An effortless and pain-free approach to aligning over-crowded teeth.

Aim Of The Treatment:

The goal is to improve dental health along with other dentistry malfunctions dealt with due to misalignment of the teeth. Whether one is opting for wired braces or other techniques, after the calculated timeframe, individuals will experience a drastic shift in their jaw structure as well as noticeable improvements in eliminating crookedness. 


Generally, it may take a year or two to generate optimum outcomes. Depending on the complexity of your condition, the improvements may begin to deliver favorable results after upgrading the trays of your clear braces or tightening the wires of the braces to align all teeth. However, the final reveal is a transformational change granting endless prosperity.

Suitable Candidate:

We suggest seeing a specialist even if a tooth or two are on the edge of emerging or failing to sustain stability in the structure. This is why it is mandatory to reach out for regular visits with your children, partners, friends, or even colleagues. However, better late than sorry – any adult irrespective of gender and age is advised to consult with a dental expert. He/She will consider the severity of the problem and tailor a customized treatment fitting into your lifestyle and budget. 

Pre-Treatment Precautions:

Cleanliness and other safety protocols must be followed at all times. Below are a few pre-care one ought to consider to minimize any potential harm;

  • Cut down on alcohol consumption.
  • Smoking must be limited.
  • Use gentle strokes when brushing or flossing.
  • Maintain a healthy oral routine.
  • Do not trace the tongue on the affected unalignment.
  • Sustain a promising intake of water.
  • Avoid sticky and chewy edibles.


Depending on the personalized procedure, the steps and stages are going to differ from one candidate to another. However, discussed below is a general outline of the process that takes place inside the Doctor’s office:

  • First things first, a complete checkup is performed to determine the underlying issues. 
  • X-rays and other important steps are approached to analyze the best treatment options according to the teeth’ structure.
  • Deep cleaning to get rid of food particles and other bacterial impurities to instill a clean canvas for further improvements. 
  • The chosen treatment plan is activated. You are guided about the duration and formalities attached to your specific treatment.
  • Visiting dates are marked to track your progress. In the end, you are guided after homecare to practice the safest transitioning.

Aftercare Instructions:

These guidelines are self-care to prolong the self-life of your smile. Explore the dos and don’ts for an aesthetically appealing smile.

  • Make sure to brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Do not forget to floss, however, using toothpicks is prohibited.
  • Refrain from biting or chewing on hard food.
  • Use retainers for as long as recommended.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and other sugar-based drinks for enamel protection.
  • Eat clean, stay hydrated, and follow the instructions guided to you for a charming smile.


Dental procedures are equally an investment in your general well-being, as it is for other cosmetics concerns. Below are a few popular perks awaiting you:

  • Say hello to a confident and newly improved straighter smile.
  • Not only that, but your teeth shall also stay in good shape.
  • With no worries related to oral health, you can smile wider than ever before.
  • Furthermore, any post-decay or discoloration is also addressed during these sessions.
  • Eventually, you will experience a positive shift in both your professional and personal life – all thanks to the brighter smile winning hearts wherever you go.
  • Last but certainly not least, the new changes will also contribute to improving your speech and upgrading your jaw and chin structure.

Potential Risks:

The FDA standards back up all the treatments. Our Orthodontists deliver safe and reliable procedures with risk-free procedures. However, due to pressure, you may notice mild swelling or soreness on the gum. These are temporary reactions to the installations and shall be tame within a few days. In case of bleeding or dislocation of the brackets or wirings; be sure to reach out for dental care immediately. 


Dental procedures are personalized treatment plans tailored according to each separate candidate. The final charges ought to differ from person to person, this is why a one-on-one consultation is highly recommended for all aspects revolving around the treatment. However, to highlight the average starting estimation, you are expected to be billed from AED 4,999 and above.  

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