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Are you looking for an effective solution to improve your stained or pale teeth? Or do you want to commence the journey to improved oral health? A radiant smile is a direct reflection of our personality. However, for some reason, it is quite difficult to achieve grace when your teeth fall ill due to discoloration. For this reason, Teeth Whitening In Dubai appears as a remarkable solution to your cosmetic concerns. It can offer a drastic change from stained to pearly whites in an hour. You can even go home the same day and flaunt your gains with a luminous smile without unwanted stains. Explore information about Teeth Whitening Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi and enhance your aesthetics.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is a procedure used to remove extrinsic and intrinsic stains. These stains occur due to the consumption of pigmented foods and drinks or by using certain medications. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that can help you achieve a brighter and more smoother smile. The treatment bleaches your stains into colorless smaller particles that are then easily eliminated without staining anything else. Furthermore, you might feel more comfortable in social settings since this treatment enhances your aesthetic smile to boost your self-confidence and esteem.

How Does It Work?

It uses a chemical solution to remove stubborn stains from the enamel while preserving overall health. Most whitening agents consist of hydrogen peroxide that is applied directly over the enamel and reacts with water and oxygen to create free radicals. These free radicals target the staining molecules and break them down. The mouth is cleansed again to get rid of the remaining solution. Sometimes a higher concentration of solution is used to get rid of more stubborn stains and achieve dramatic results.

What Are The Positive Effects?

You will notice lighter teeth from your original undertone. This will boost your first impression and create a positive first impression on your hygiene and health. With improved oral health, your digestive system will also improve drastically.

Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Someone with healthy gums and teeth without cavities and any gum infections that can irritate the sensitive gums. If you are experiencing extrinsic stains from coffee, tea, or smoking. You can not undergo this treatment if you are under 18 and suffer from bleeding disorders. Similarly, it is not recommended for those with autoimmune diseases.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

Some important steps performed during the procedure are discussed below:

  • Your mouth is cleaned and the specialist uses a special device to remove plaque and debris.
  • Then, a moisturizing barrier is applied to your gums to protect them from the harsh agents in whitening products.
  • Your specialist will apply the predetermined dosage of the solution to your teeth whitening and use a light curing method to activate the solution.
  • After the desired level of lightning is reached, the solution is neutralized and rinsed off.
  • The session ended with a fluoride treatment and flossing.
  • Multiple sessions are arranged to elevate the results of your treatment.

What Are The Benefits?

With Teeth Whitening In Dubai, you will experience several benefits. Some significant ones are:

  • You will have the most noticeable and brighter smile to boost your confidence and help you interact socially with others.
  • The treatment will improve your oral health and help reduce the risk of cavities and other gum diseases.
  • It also removes stains and freshens your breath to eliminate bad odor and help you overcome your embarrassment in public.
  • With bright teeth, you will be able to feel more motivated to perform hygiene rituals such as brushing and flossing to maintain the results.
  • Your aesthetic smile will boost your confidence and contribute to improved oral health while improving your quality of life.
  • Any stubborn stains and other gunk will be removed from your mouth and you will feel more refreshed.
  • Your teeth sensitivity is also minimized and you can enjoy the hot and cold food without worrying about the pain.

Expected Cost:

The exact cost of this treatment depends on the individual reasons such as the depth of the treatment needed for your condition. However, the cost is most likely between AED 699 to AED 999. For a more exact billing policy, contact your specialist and thoroughly discuss your issues for a safe and effective approach to your unique condition.

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